About me

Since I graduated in 1995, I mainly work in trade ornamental plants. I was always interested in IT, I was an amateur system administrator at my work for more than ten years. 2016 was the year of change, I decided to learn to code.


From 2005 to 2016, in addition to the main duties, I was the sytem administrator of a small company. I gained experience in:

  • Installing and operating Windows Small Business Server 2003 and 2008 with Exchange Server and MSSQL Server, Remote Web Workplace and Sharepoint Services, training and administering network users, supporting desktop users, helpdesk, problem solving
  • Operating IT infrastructure (servers, desktops, notebooks, network devices, printers, scanners etc.)
  • Operating an ERP system


This page was made in Octobre 2016, after one month of intensive HTML and CSS study. I started to learn JavaScript and jQuery, the results will be visible in Projects soon.

I learn from various online curses. It helps a lot to see the same topic with various methods and surfaces.


My primary goal is to learn the knowledge of frontend web development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS). The next step is the backend.